Sunyar Unseen — Khajuraho of North India

So this time we went to Bheema Devi or Khajuraho of north India or Mini Khajuraho. Why is it so? why it is called so? See the following photographs and decide yourself As per the main temple site it is clear that it was created in Panchayatana style for more please watch our youtube channel … Continue reading Sunyar Unseen — Khajuraho of North India


When innocence cried and cried aloud I often saw how Indian Mythology and Culture is on Internet for sale. When Tranquility become peace of 5 days yoga class and cheap day to day sex becoming part of Tantra. I need to cry and mourn on the death of a culture the real India culture the … Continue reading Cry

Wheel of Life

कस्यैकान्तं सुखम् उपनतं,दु:खम् एकान्ततो वा। नीचैर् गच्छति उपरि च,दशा चक्रनेमिक्रमेण॥ Who has only experienced constant happiness or constant sorrows? Situations in life are similar to a point on the moving wheel which goes up and down regularly. Like to make any dish we need some basic ingredients in a same manner we need Constant change … Continue reading Wheel of Life