This was my first time to London when I first really understood the meaning of Pedestrian. It is a complete philosophy in it self, while walking you become so open to ideas that every turn on a street is like a bolt. BANG! WOW!


Corner of the Window

This landscape holds a special place in my memories and give me inspiration to grow. I am standing behind a window of old fort seeing a horizon. Giving me a feel to open myself fly-out like a bird and to explore the world. The Corner of the window


I remember..... .... .... ... do you????? Do you remember when you smiled last time or when you cried emotionally when you enjoyed rain drops on your face or hugged a tree and scream out loud? Do you remember when you last went out with friends or followed your passion? Do you remember when you …


The most satisfying work for me is to sit behind my camera lenses and click the clouds at its best. Following image is having all the ingredients the color the majestic and calmness and over and above the Satisfaction.