Our Aim

Do you ever though about history where there is glory, power, wars, treasures, mysteries if so, then we are thinking in the same manner and trying to represent the history in its full glory.

Our emphasis is on following fields:

  • Old monuments before 1526
  • Old temples before 1526
  • Forts
  • Palaces
  • Temples
  • Scriptures
  • Cuisine

So that we can preserve the real Indian heritage and culture.

We are currently a small group of friends and running YouTube channel Sunyar Unseen India.  

What we need:

  • We need your support in terms of YouTube views and subscriptions as you all know that it is time and money consuming work, and the only aid we are having at this moment is YouTube so please promote us by subscribing our channel and spreading the information as much as possible..
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  • We are small group and trying to go through old books, survey of India Library etc, but it would be great if you get in touch with us if you seen any monument or site which is at-least 400 years to 500years old on our Contact Us page and submit the details there, we will go through the details and if the site passes all the basic checks we will create a documentary on it and preserve the details for the future.
  • As we are not making any money all the information we receive is not liable for any sort of monetary gains, with information provided.
  • We are trying to reproduce the history which is not biased with any religion or faith and politics.

If you don’t want to see your history like above please help us preserving the ruins for you children and future else this all will be gone in dust and rubles.