Life is only a Transient

Life is Transient to eternity and from eternity starts the life and this is cycle, and this log in forest give a strong mean to my thoughts. I often thought and try to understand this word and to me it is always a new mystery. Just try to think about following and you agree with …


Beauty unfolded

We all seen flowers but to my amazement this happened with my new macro lens Hibiscus: Focus In this Instance trying to capture honey bee but focus shifted to pollen: In this I lost the bunch of flower and this should come under out of focus image: Out of Focus


I remember..... .... .... ... do you????? Do you remember when you smiled last time or when you cried emotionally when you enjoyed rain drops on your face or hugged a tree and scream out loud? Do you remember when you last went out with friends or followed your passion? Do you remember when you …