When innocence cried and cried aloud I often saw how Indian Mythology and Culture is on Internet for sale. When Tranquility become peace of 5 days yoga class and cheap day to day sex becoming part of Tantra. I need to cry and mourn on the death of a culture the real India culture the … Continue reading Cry

Wheel of Life

कस्यैकान्तं सुखम् उपनतं,दु:खम् एकान्ततो वा। नीचैर् गच्छति उपरि च,दशा चक्रनेमिक्रमेण॥ Who has only experienced constant happiness or constant sorrows? Situations in life are similar to a point on the moving wheel which goes up and down regularly. Like to make any dish we need some basic ingredients in a same manner we need Constant change … Continue reading Wheel of Life