Asudha Palace

A journey to start where no one goes, the place or a palace was ruined years back.


It was abandoned from year once the famous place, the place from where freedom fight was started in Uttar Pradesh.



The place where Mahatma Gandhi asked villagers to fight, where people supported and joined the freedom fight.


We are stunned to see the ruins my team was mesmerized to see the ruins we still feel the energy.


It was summer and I am so indulged in the photography that I forget the heat of summer the temperature was soaring at 45-degree Celcius. I am wearing photography jacket which was full of camera lenses and other stuff that is a kind of indulgence and dedication my whole team is supporting me.


We further went inside to see if there is anything intact and this is what we found.

The only place which is bit intact is the main gate where we are able to climb till the first floor.

and to our amazement, we found the best work of craftsmanship




We thought going back side think me might some more glimpse


The wall which is still standing high


some rooms for servants…


Who can imagine this palace given shelter to Shri Jawahar Lal Nehru and family at the time of Britishers?





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We will meet in our next journey to unseen India…


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